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photos by Malia James

The lovely and talented Malia James of Dum Dum Girls is taking over our Instagram while she and the girls adventure down in Mexico. Follow our Instagram @ANTHEMICmag for more!

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Who’d you rather be?
The Beatles or The Rolling Stone

"Introducing music you can watch." Video Music by Atari


Stanley Donwood’s art for Radiohead’s In Rainbows.  They’re photos of Wax thrown at paper and acid bathed if I remember correctly.  He also did a whole series of photo etchings which were based on suburban scenes but they weren’t used because they didn’t fit the sound of the album.

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finally getting to see St. Vincent perform tonight in Brooklyn

Daniel Sanchez Guzman (Bogotá, Colombia) - This Is What Happens When You Watch TV Medicated By Dr. Hoffman, 2007     Photography


Yayoi Kusama

I’m here but nothing

Yayoi Kusama began hallucinating spots atop the surfaces of her world at a young age. In these polka dots, at once simple and boundless, Kusama found a way to break from the self and look into infinity.


Photo by Paul and Williams

Mac DeMarcoBy Taylor Hanson